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How We Invest

We believe in following investing principles:   portfolio diversification, risk management, staying invested, and keeping investment costs as low as possible.  These principles, proven by decades of market data and academic research, drive investment returns and should not be ignored.  Complex investment vehicles and convoluted strategies can obscure those fundamental principles and can lead to unintended consequences. We believe a straightforward sensible approach based on scientific evidence will produce the best outcomes over the long term.

We believe markets “work” over the long-term to build wealth and achieve financial goals. Attempting to "beat the market" through market timing and/or expensive tactical strategies generally does not work over the long term and can be disastrous at market extremes. We build  diversified, low-cost portfolios across geographies, asset classes, market caps, and risk factors. Securities utilized in client portfolios are thoroughly researched and monitored to ensure  investment objectives are met.

We believe in process and structure in building a core strategic allocation, but we also believe that  each portfolio must be designed to meet the specific needs, goals, and initiatives of the individual client. Outside of the core allocation, we invest a portion of the portfolio that seeks to enhance returns or manage risk through specialized strategies. Depending on the client, these satellite investments may include sectors or themes that show potential for growth, strategies targeting current income, and low volatility strategies, including our proprietary Global Balanced strategy.

We believe in flexibility and strive to improve our investment process as the wealth/investment management industry evolves. While we maintain a high bar for making process changes, we are constantly researching alternatives and potential enhancements.