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Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Sound long-term planning is essential to meeting goals and obtaining financial security. We will work with you to implement a sensible plan that considers your complete financial picture.


To us, financial peace of mind refers to a state of emotional and psychological well-being that arises from having a sense of control, security, and confidence in your financial situation. It means being able to meet your financial obligations, pursue your goals, and handle unexpected expenses without constant worry or stress. Achieving financial peace of mind involves having a solid financial plan in place, managing your income and expenses wisely, saving and investing for the future, and having a safety net for emergencies. It's about feeling secure in your financial choices and having the freedom to make decisions that align with your values and aspirations, without being held back by financial constraints. Financial peace of mind provides a sense of stability and contentment, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life without the constant burden of financial concerns.


Minimize Product Costs

Many actively managed mutual funds are expensive and most underperform their benchmarks. Index and index-like ETFs and funds are inexpensive and transparent. Index funds and ETFs are tax-efficient due to their low turnover, which also lowers transaction costs and contributes to their low expense ratios. They are built to track the indexes they are benchmarked to, eliminating negative surprises. In short, trying to guess which mutual funds that will consistently outperform the market is an expensive gamble that may not be successful over the long term.

Diversify Globally

Most people understand the risks involved in "having all your eggs in one basket". Many people fail to understand that simply owning a fund that tracks the S&P 500 does not create a diversified portfolio. Research has shown that a truly diversified portfolio, one that contains US stocks (large and small), international stocks (Emerging and Developed markets), fixed income, and real estate (in other words, one that looks like the world allocation) reduces risk (volatility) and improves returns.

Stay Disciplined

Emotion is the enemy of the investor; it causes bad decisions and, inevitably, unchecked, produces costly mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes take years to recover from. Sometimes these mistakes cause losses that will never be recovered; imagine selling your equity portfolio late 2008 /early 2009. Markets are impossible to predict; leaders from last year may be laggards (or worse) the next. Moving your money around according to what markets are doing typically does not work. Create a good plan, let the markets work for you, and stay the course.


A personalized client portal offers Tone Capital clients a clear, holistic view of their entire financial picture, allowing them to budget and plan more effectively, store documents for easy access on devices, all with one login. Having the ability to view held-away assets allows our advisers to manage portfolios from a more informed perspective.

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