News Highlights | January 2017


"Investment Fees To Ask About Before You Invest.", from the, By Dana Anspach, updated November 19, 2016.


"99% of actively managed US equity funds underperform",, By Chris Newlands and Madison Marriage, October 23, 2016.


SEC Investor Bulletin - "How Fees and Expenses Affect Your Investment Portfolio", SEC Pub. No. 164 (2/14), September 8, 2016.


"The High Fees You Don't See Can Hurt You", The New York Times, By Jeff Sommer, April 23, 2016.


"66% of fund managers can't match S&P results", USA Today, By Adam Shell, March 14, 2016.


"Why most-mutual funds underperform and how to find ones that don't",, By Ky Trang Ho, February 6, 2016.

Elizabeth Fuqua